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Coast of Golf Islands


Beacon Wireless

Strategic Partnership

Internet connectivity is essential today to keep up with the rest of the world. We are proud to bring that lifeline to the Southern Gulf Islands, but we couldn’t do it alone.

As a third-party seller, we aim to take our internet services even further. Our partnerships help us bring high-speed internet to remote communities and expand our reach to even more residents and businesses.

Northern Development Initiative Trust
Britsh Columbia

"Beacon Wireless partnered with Vancity to provide increased broadband service to underserved areas in the Southern Gulf Islands. ​Together, Beacon Wireless and Vancity are working to scale up and provide a more robust service not only to the Southern Gulf Islands but potentially to other remote communities in BC. Beacon Wireless and Vancity have shared values and see this as a critical piece of the economic development and infrastructure necessary to build strong and resilient communities on the Southern Gulf Islands."

Andy Broderick

VP, Community Investment, Vancity

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