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Satellite Services Covering Golf Islands

Reliable and Fast
Internet, Anywhere

Beacon Wireless

Reliable Coverage Technology

Our network achieves coverage through most regions of the diverse topography of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Our radio towers are strategically positioned to deliver high-speed internet service to your home or business. We provide a fast and reliable internet connection wherever you need it.

Thetis Island and Gabriola Island
Satellite Services Covering Valdez and Galiano Islands

Our growing network of repeaters allows us to provide stable internet coverage to most of the Southern Gulf Islands. Through state-of-the-art technology and advanced monitoring combined with off-grid backup, Beacon Wireless ensures that you receive an internet experience like no other.

To set up Beacon Wireless Internet in your home or business all you need is a Wi-Fi Router and we’ll take care of the rest. For the most compatible Wi-Fi Routers, contact us today or browse through our recommended routers below.

Coverage Map

We currently offer service to the majority of the Southern Gulf Islands.

We are always expanding our network. 

Contact us now.

3D Map Of Golf Islands
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