The Weekender Package

This package is designed exclusively for part timers on the islands. The service is always on and you simply pay for the bandwidth you use. Restrictions apply.

  • $39.95/month

  • Data charged at $4/GB/month

  • Up to 35Mbps connectivity

The Basic Package

This is our most popular and versatile package. It is designed for those that live on the islands or that leave for extended periods of time.

  • $74.95/month

  • 100 GB transmission/month

  • $0.50/GB/month overage charges

  • Service suspension at $74.95, for up to 6 consecutive months

  • Up to 35Mbps connectivity

The Advanced Connectivity Package

This plan is designed for power users or those that plan to use video streaming services extensively.

  • $89.95/month

  • 200 GB transmission/month

  • $0.50/GB/month for the first 50GB overage; $15/50GB increments thereafter

  • Up to 35Mbps connectivity

The Community & Business Package

This package is designed for business and communities where multiple users will be using the broadband internet connection such as a multi-residence property or Bed & Breakfast.

  • $139.95/month

  • 300 GB transmission/month

  • Overage at $10/50GB increments thereafter

  • Up to 35Mbps connectivity

Service Details

  • All service packages subject to twelve month service contract. In the event of service suspension, contract term based on consecutive active months

  • $299.95 basic installation charge includes radio, mounting equipment, and 50’ of cable. Additional charges may apply (e.g. tree climber, custom wiring)

  • Advanced Connectivity customers can subscribe to an additional 50GB at $15/month. All subsequent charges will be in $15/50GB increments

  • Optional Beacon E-mail $4.95/month

  • Dedicated IP address $29.95/month

  • All charges are subject to PST + GST; billing occurs at the end of each month

Beacon Wireless Terms of Service